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In the event that you have a story to tell—something you’ve comprehended through the traverse of your calling about “cryptocurrencies and related niche”. A strategy that you would like to share to educate the world or any course you have created — you’re in the perfect place.

So share and Education “write for us”

I welcome pitches on each educational subject related to cryptocurrencies and all related news. So submit guest post + “training”, online journals and articles.

This will give you an opportunity to build up your portfolio, attract a wider audience, connect with people of similar interest, educators or other professionals in the industry of relevant niche and develop your social presence.


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Step by step instructions to Propose a Post to Us: or Submit Guest Post + Education

  • A couple of sentences depicting your arranged post and an abnormal state characterize (remember that completed article consists of a minimum of 500– 850 words)
  • Connections to any interactive media framework you propose to share
  • A couple of words in regards to the implied gathering of people for your article (for instance, reference, author, book, website, and so on.)
  • An about 80-word bio with insights in regards to your part in training
  • Three to 5 connects to elective things (assuming any) you’ve composed, prominently for instructive productions
  • Full discourse demonstration of any business enthusiasm for any stock or administrations said
  • Your Twitter handle (in the event that you have one)


Note –

  • You tube video is also acceptable.