Ripple coin (XRP) and Ripple price future

Ripple coin (XRP) increased by 35,000% in value in 2017 and a market cap of over $150 billion, the coin has become a much-debated topic among analysts and investors alike. But, what is Ripple coin (XRP)? Is it like other cryptocurrencies? Why has it been on fire lately? Continue reading to get answers to these questions.

What is Ripple coin (XRP)?

Ripple is a payment solutions company, founded by Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb. Ripple claims to offer reliable, faster and affordable transaction solutions to banks and other financial institutions. The company has created a hundred billion XRPs and it currently holds 61% of the coins. The current plan is to release a billion coins a month.

Ripple coin (XRP)

Differences Between Ripple coin (XRP) and Bitcoin


Both Bitcoin and Ripple are cryptocurrencies that use block-chain technology. But, there is a fundamental difference between the two: unlike Bitcoin, Ripple cannot be mined. The currency is not set up as a mineable currency, and its use is fixed to the Ripple network.

Both Bitcoin and Ripple coin (XRP) use validating nodes for validating ledgers. Bitcoin has over 9,000 trusted nodes, Ripple has only five. But, the company plans to add 11 more over the next 18 months. The five validating nodes are controlled by Ripple. XRP has received criticism for the absence of independently trusted validators. Their Ledger is available to everybody, anyone can become a validator by downloading the ledger. Many companies run their own nodes on the Ripple network.



Similarities & Differences Between Ripple coin (XRP) and Bitcoin

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Reasons for Recent Price Hike of Ripple coin (XRP)

The recent price hike of XRP has a lot to do with the currency’s expected use by financial institutions and investment by believe-the-hype investors.

Ripple has succeeded in having many banks as customers for its other products. Ripple’s current is preferred by financial institutions because it offers real-time communication and quick corrections, thus reducing delays in bank transactions. Many people see the potential of the currency being used as an important financial vehicle by banks worldwide.

Ripple, or more precisely, XRP, is a rising cryptocurrency. It’s different from the leading digital currency Bitcoin because its supply is controlled by the founding company. Ripple is banking on banks adopting it in the future.

Ripple is trying to revolutionize payment systems through its platform. The developers described the banking system as “limited in transparency, slow and expensive”. And therefore claim that it is also inadequate as a Global Payment System. They plan to remove these problems allowing global payment to become a truly worldwide activity. And so RippleNet was born.

Ripple coin (XRP)


This is the global payment system of ripple network. It is built as a global network of banks where people can send and receive payments through Ripple technology. Ripple claims their system allows users to have the clearing, real-time messaging, and “gross settlement certainty” of transactions.

Gross Settlements is the name given to the transfer of funds or securities between two banks. Gross means transactions happen one-by-one instead of sending them as a bulk, for example, if banks sent all their transactions of one day at the end of each day.

It works by forming partnerships between banks to have access to the RippleNet network. If a participating bank is part of the platform, then users around the world can interact with that bank through their own local RippleNet-enabled Bank.

Furthermore, RippleNet has a series of products:


1: xCurrent: Payment Processing
2: xRapid: Source of liquidity
3: xVia: Payment origination



Enables payment processing between banks. It is described and designed as a technology that has the ability to settle and make effective transactions between banks with high increased speed, transparency of transactions and efficiency.”


To enable fast transactions, banks must hold foreign currencies, otherwise known as “Nostro accounts”. xRapid acts as a pool of funds and banks need to have access to this pool so they can transfer funds easily.


“Access to an on-demand liquidity pool of digital assets that eliminates the need to hold Nostro accounts in destination currencies.”



xVia is a transaction system made to accept global payment which provides companies with the ability to safely originate real-time payments with rich data attachments.

Ripple coin (XRP)

Ripple coin (XRP)


Banking Clients

This is one of Ripple’s strongest value propositions. Ripple coin (XRP) needs both the Banks and users. In order to succeed they need to get the Supply side first, and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Ripple’s client’s list continues to grow, their current customer’s list is quite impressive, and the main reason that the price of Ripple has been shooting as high as it is.


Ripplepay was a service designed to allow swapping of credit between trusting participants. If someone owes you $20, they can create an IOU worth $20 and if someone else trusted that person, you could then use that as IOU as $20 with that third party. This is also the way current banks operate and is one of the building blocks of the current financial system.

Ripplepay is quite different from bitcoin, in which you do not require trust between two transacting parties, but you do require some form of verification that the asset being traded (in this case bitcoin) cannot be double-spent. If you could double-spend the same bitcoin, it is essentially like counterfeiting banknotes and obviously, that is a problem.

But, with Ripple coin (XRP), you do need trust. If you owe Bob money, a third party, Alice doesn’t have to trust Bob to believe that your debt is valid, she only needs to trust you. One can’t issue debt to someone who does not trust him. So, one needs to set a trust line that defines to what extent he trusts which participant.

Trust lines ripples through the platform, this allows participants trade IOUs with participants you may not know, but with whom you share trusted intermediaries. If Alice and Bob both trust me, Bob could pay Alice with an IOU that I issued to Bob.

Ripple coin (XRP)

How many of Ripple coin (XRP) Exist?

Of the 100 billion XRP tokens in presence, Ripple holds 61 billion of them.With the organization holding most of the coins. In request to manufacture speculator confidence,Ripple has bolted up 55 billion with 55 savvy contracts.One by one, each agreement, holding 1 billion XRP, lapses month to month over the span of 54 months.

As it at present stands, Ripple has spent around 300 million XRP a month for as long as year and a half to deal with expenses.This operational straightforwardness should give wary financial specialists motivation to trust that Ripple is in this amusement long haul and would not profit by selling off their possessions, consequently plluminting the value of XRP.

As everyone knows that Ripple coin (XRP) is a relatively new coin in the crypro market. It is also the third in terms of the market capitalization and usage. Also, it is to be noted that Ripple is the cheapest among the top three coins.

This is what makes it a better choice of investment. Imagine, you buy Ripple coin (XRP) when its .5$ and you buy 10000 in quantity. What’s your total investment – 5000$. Even if Ripple grows to 3$ in a year (which it has in the recent past) your 5000$ investment will give you a whopping 6 times return, i.e. 30000$.

Ripple coin (XRP)

This is what makes Ripple coin (XRP) an ideal choice to make an investment in.
  • Low Price.
  • One of the top 3 coins in the world.
  • Most efficient and fast transactions – XRP can perform 1500 transfers / second, Ethereum 15 transfers / second and Bitcoin 7 transfers per second. XRP exchanges are presently finishing in 4 seconds. Contrast that with the measure of the time it takes to utilize a debit card through conventional fiat.
  • Scalable – While other industry driving monetary standards have system’s fit for dealing with under 10 exchanges for each second, Ripple is equipped for preparing 1500 tps. While there is still space to develop if Ripple somehow managed to wind up as substantial as most fiat installment processors, the present emphasis of the system is more than fit for dealing with the volume of all digital currency upheld exchanges.
  • 80 banks are testing Ripple technology. 50 banks currently testing the Ripple technology. This image shows the state of Ripple technology testing in each bank.Ripple coin (XRP)


“Yes, despite the previous negative experience of falling down from the historical high of XRP, there is a real reason to assume that XRP will get to $3.2. This is mainly due to potential of XRP and the fact that the price already touched $3.2 means it will be back there and even higher.”

Pinnacle Brilliance CEO, Roman Guelfi-Gibbs shares similar sentiments.

Why does everyone says that Ripple coin (XRP) has a bright future? We see that Ripple is the best answer.
Here are the reason’s to buy Ripple coin (XRP) and make you investment grow:-



XRP is the main computerized resource with a reasonable institutional utilize case. It is intended to take care of a multi-trillion dollar issue. The issue is worldwide installment and liquidity challenges that banks, installment suppliers and corporates confront.

Keeping in mind the end goal to adequately take care of this issue, speed, cost and versatility are of outrageous significance. When you line up the best advanced resources for these qualities, unmistakably XRP is the winner.

It’s no big surprise that genuine institutional clients are utilizing and discovering an incentive in XRP and governments, controllers and national banks are progressively perceiving the part it could play in the worldwide framework.

Its xRapid arrangement exceptionally utilizes XRP to offer on-request liquidity. By encouraging constant, bring down cost exchanges crosswise over monetary forms, xRapid diminishes the hazard and opens the maximum capacity of cross-border payments for big business customers.

Ripple coin (XRP) is likewise advancing with advancements to expand that number. Indeed, even with 1500 tps, Ripple is by a wide margin the business pioneer in taking care of the volume vital for across the board reception, notwithstanding having under 5-second installment affirmations.

There is no question behind why Ripple will not be at the front line for cryptographic money selection for exchanges. Any organization hoping to pick up exposure to the developing crypto customer base would do well to enter through Ripple’s XRP.


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