EOS Price Index Live

What is EOS?

EOS is a blockchain innovation essentially like Ethereum which has been enlivened by Dan Larrimer. He is additionally the maker of Steem and BitShares. On June 26, 2017 the undertaking begins its ICO.


    • Parallel Processing: The capacity to get things done in parallel, speedier transcation velocities and greater versatility.

EOS Price Index

  • A Constitution: An arrangement of guidelines on which everybody concurs upon, these are connected to each piece mined.
  • Independence and Evolution: The present model takes into account a 5% expansion, this will be utilized to build up the system further.
  • Decentralized working framework: EOS is like a decentralized working framework, by and by this implies engineers can manufacture applications on EOS. Owning EOS coins is a claim on server assets. A designer needs EOS coins to utilize the EOS blockchain. Designers won’t spend the coins to use the server assets, s/he simply need to demonstrate they hold them.
  • Charged as a potential “Ethereum Executioner”, EOS proposes upgrades that can challenge Ethereum as the predominant brilliant contract stage. One principle issue EOS hopes to enhance is the adaptability issues which has tormented the Ethereum arrange amid times of high exchange volume, particularly amid mainstream ICOs.
  • A maybe more significant distinction EOS has contrasted with Ethereum, is the manner by which you utilize the EOS arrange. With Ethereum, each time you make changes or collaborate with the system, you have to pay a charge. With EOS, the maker of the DAPP (decentralized application) can pay, while the client pays nothing. Furthermore, looking at the situation objectively, this bodes well. Would you need to need to pay each time you post something via web-based networking media? No, obviously not!


  • This working framework will be facilitated on servers (server farms) which consequently will likewise be piece makers. Square rewards in EOS are the motivating force for these servers to have EOS applications.
  • The applications running on this decentralized OS will have the capacity to speak with each other, there will likewise be measures to “firewall” applications.
  • Applciations utilize extremely regular capacities, for example, client/secret key, UIs, backend (database) administration. This implies applications can share systems or libraries which make advancement speedier, more secure and less specialized. For instance, applications will have their own protected database and record space on EOS.
  • EOS will enable engineers to make blockchain applications with which end clients will effortlessly communicate with. Likely most clients would not realize that they will communicate with one when utilizing EOS as this will be totally straightforward to the clients.
  • Etherum completes an exceptionally poor activity of making communicating with their blockchain an easy to use process. EOS primary contender Etherum, requests clients to pay for each exchange. EOS won’t do as such. This will incerase selection.

EOS Tokens

ERC20 like tokens can be made on EOS, this implies ICOS can be facilitated on this blockchain.

The ICO is one year long this should build dissemination, which should expand selection.

200,000,000 two hundred million – conveyed amid a 5 day time frame starting on June 26, 2017 at 13:00 UTC and completion on July 1, 2017 at 12:59:59 UTC.

700,000,000 seven hundred million – split equally into 350 back to back 23 hour times of 2,000,000 EOS tokens each start on July 1, 2017 at 13:00:00 UTC.100,000,000 one hundred million – will be held for block.one and can’t be exchanged or exchanged on the Ethereum organize.

100,000,000 one hundred million – will be held for block.one and can’t be exchanged or exchanged on the Ethereum arrange.


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