10 Best cryptocurrency to invest {2018}

Cryptocurrency investment – There are many good ones which can give you 5–10x profit in 2018. Pick some top coins ( prefer the ones with low supply) , read their white paper, learn what they do and think of it will solve any existing problem. If you think it is a potential solution to an existing problem then invest in it.

There are a many crypto coins out there which have received high value, volume and attention and are booming in the technology world. Most of the investors invest in Cryptocurrencies which are helping to grow the world of information technology.

I have listed down “10 best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018″ for cryptocurrency investment and building strong portfolio. If you are already a trader than you must be aware bout it, if you are new to this crypto world, than below start your investment from the below mention list.

Cryptocurrency investment

As per my current research, the top 10 cryptocurrency are as follows:

The first ever cryptocurrency in circulation since 2009. It has set the standards so high, I doubt any other coin would be able to break the record. BTC is now out of reach for small enterprises. But you can invest in some fraction of bitcoin to increase the value of your portfolio and make the best cryptocurrency investment.

The second most popular cryptocurrency in the world released back in 2015. It saw the growth from $2.83/ETH to $871.96/ETH in the time period of about 3 years. It attracts more investors than BTC, as it is cheaper to buy and gives much returns.

  • NEO

NEO was also launched in 2014. It was $0/NEO at the time of launch and now, it splurged to $124.98/NEO. Thus, a straight 12498% high in a span of 4 years. You cannot miss out on such a progressive cryptocurrency. It can give you great result for your cryptocurrency investment.

  • Ripple

Ripple is the most trusted name in the world of cryptocurrency as it is being used by banks and it is also the third most popular cryptocurrency in the world. It started as $0.005/XRP and now available at $1.04/XRP. Though a slow growth and minimal rate, it still maintains a strong place in the cryptocurrency market.

  • Litecoin

Litecoin was initially released in 2011. It has jumped from $4.30/LTC to $221.22/LTC in a span of 5 years. You can consider it in the top5 list as well. It gives strong competition to BTC and ETH.

Cryptocurrency investment

  • Monero

Monero released back in April 2014. Its price at that time was $1.41/XMR. And now at the time of writing, it is $323.76/XMR. So, its straight 22,861.70% increase in 4 years. Hence, definitely much for your cryptocurrency portfolio.

  • Dash

Dash started its journey from $0.21/DASH in 2014 and has now reached $683.54/DASH in February 2018. Thus, a splendid growth of 325395.23%. You cannot afford to ignore this fabulous piece.

  • EOS

EOS is like a newborn cryptocurrency. Within a short span of 8 months, it has progressed from $1.03/EOS to $8.87/EOS. Thus, a direct profit of 761.16%. You should also consider investing in newly released tokens, as you get high returns on minimal investment. One of the best coin for cryptocurrency investment.

  • IOTA

IOTA is also a newcomer like EOS. It started its journey from $0.64/MIOTA and has now reached $1.85/MIOTA.

  • DigixDAO

The last but not the least, DigixDAO has gained respect in the cryptocurrency market. It has registered a massive growth of 869.62% in the short span of two years.

As I said before, the top 10 list will see variations over time, but the permanent occupants are BTC, ETH, LTC and XPR. Do include them in your portfolio.


Change of trends and volume effect on cryptocurrency


The most important thing is Do not go all in on one coin and diversify your investment.


Tell me what are your views and what do you think of cryptocurrency investment as per the list provided by commenting below…

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