BTC correction Prediction18 March 2018

BTC correction Prediction 18 March – The price could not break 8000.00 support level and bounced to the uptrend line. Will it be a short term retracement with further falling to 7000.00-6000.00 levels? Will it be a starting point for a new uptrend?

In order to get replies on these questions, we’ll have to watch closely for price action at important levels and lines. Only then we will be able to check and make BTC correction Prediction 18 March 2018.

There are two ways to look at it for BTC correction Prediction 18 March 2018

  • Price Movements Signals
  • Price Indicators Signals


Signals from Price Movements:-



On BTC correction Prediction 18 March- My current thought is simply, sideways movement and I think that’s ok. For long term, it’s better even. I expect sideways movement between 6000$ and 10000$. It may tighten up if it goes on for a while, think back to 2014 crash and the years following.

What do you think of BTC correction Prediction 18 March? comment below for your thoughts.


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