Bitcoin mining ponzi scheme Gainbitcoin India

Bitcoin mining ponzi scheme Gainbitcoin India – While the Bitcoin rage is assuming control over the entire world and not simply India. Additionally blast in its price in the worldwide market as of late has quite recently included more flavor into the discourses. Besides there is nothing unexpected to the reality why everybody from a bollywood star to a typical man is going gaga about this cryptographic money and contributed their well deserved cash without intuition much on the Future of the same.

Amit Bhardwaj was then said to be India’s greatest digital currency digger and speculator with associations with Bollywood stars and all the hotshots in the Political field, enjoyed aircraft travel business, and even ran an electronic book. He was likewise said to control 2.9% of hash control (alluded as processing power in BTC mining and different digital currencies) in the Bitcoin world through his organization GBMiners. It was later changed to Gainbitcoin and it became India’s most Bitcoin mining ponzi scheme.


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Amit Bhardwaj, a previous programming designer with Infosys and stock intermediary, was suspected to have fled to Dubai subsequent to conning an expected measure of Rs 2,000 crore through a bitcoin mining ponzi scheme in the light of bitcoins. For the most part unregulated computerized ‘digital currency’ that has been wound up mainstream with its sharp spike in esteem.

In any case, hold tight ! While the majority of the general population don’t have much learning about this Cryptocurrency, favorable position of the circumstance is taken by all the fraudsters in the business. This what Amit Bhardwaj had taken an advantage of form this Bitcoin mining ponzi scheme. Since it was all new thing in India and around the world, he made an early use of the lack of awareness among the people.


How to buy a bitcoin mining contract


Amit Bhardwaj is one of those Guys who have befooled thousands for the sake of Bitcoin venture under his Brand name GainBitcoin. His concept was simple yet compelling to lure any individual.

In the beginning years, he took all the benefit of the bull keep running in digital currencies, at that point made a multi-level showcasing plan under the GainBitcoin shade that required around 100,000 speculators under the guarantee of 10% month per month till 18 months.

He used to issue a contract to the buyer of bitcoins and then a buyer was lured to compelling scheme  As per the scheme, anyone buying BTC was supposed to receive 10% per month of the BTC bought till the end of 18 months. It gives 180% return after 18 months of the investment made through contract. After the 18th month, a person could buy a new contract.


Gainbitcoin introduction

Things truly got perplexed up in the coming months when Amit Bhardwaj endeavored to conceal far from individuals’ questions and messages and cited that he’s had a renal transplant and won’t have the capacity to appear for infrequently.

He at that point turned over payouts that should have been made in Bitcoins into a GainBitcoin-issued token called MCAP. The peculiar piece of this token was that notwithstanding when Price of Bitcoin was going upwards, it was going downwards which additionally left every one of the financial specialists with their Money secured without any methods for an exit. That was also suspected as a Bitcoin mining ponzi scheme.


MCAP tokens

Indeed, even now he is presenting increasingly Bitcoin mining ponzi plans and Tricky undertakings to trick an ever increasing number of individuals for the sake of BitCoin yet because of his Strong associations with the Political people,he is still far from any probability of being captured.

One of the Anonymous person quoted the following in “Amit Bhardwaj sold MCAPs in June. He told to its customers not to sell, it will increase and kept saying that, side by side he was manipulating the prices. On his sites, the sell price is $9, but the actual sell price is $1.76. Initially he sold MCAPs at $5 and then at his site graph shows its increased to $9. However, people lost money because it is actually $1.76 if the customers want to sell it.

About the time he released MCAPs I bought Bitcoins from well known, respected American company. It was $4000. Today, it is $6000. I bought 3 Bitcoins. I have already made $6000. Amit Bhardwaj ponzi scammer, a criminal, talented at scamming people sold MCAPs and told not to sell those MCAP.

If you listened a infamous, well-known scammer, how much money did you make from MCAP! Never trust a scammer especially if he says trust me, trust me, trust is important. He continually uses reverse psychology, tells you beautiful fairly tales.

The reality is he is the EVIL.In this manner, Government and law experts need to make quick move against individuals Like Amit Bhardwaj for his Bitcoin mining ponzi scheme and get the well deserved cash of the Common individuals back at the earliest opportunity”.

In the beginning years, he took all the upside of the bull keep running in cryptographic forms of money, at that point made a multi-level promoting plan under the GainBitcoin shade that required around 100,000 financial specialists under the guarantee of 10% month to month returns.


Bitcoin mining ponzi

Below is the mail which the company used to send to the best performing MLM heads who used to sell the bitcoins through different marketing techniques. The comoany used to make them MVP’s and they used to get a leisure holidays with meetings and seminars at foreign locations.

Congratulations & Welcome to All New GAINBITCOIN MVP’s
Dear Friends,

As you are aware that we selected our first set of MVP’s leaders from the ocean of great leaders; The selection was done based on qualities like Leadership, Loyalty, Team Size & Knowledge; The MVP’s were facilitated on stage in our recent event in Thailand.

All the MVP’s will be Companies official representatives for all communications hence forward & pillars of strengths to the company. All MVP’s will be entitled to a fixed renumeration in lieu of completing the cyclic targets and responsibilities; MVP’s will also be responsible to identify & groom future MVP’s. All the communication to or from company management will now be routed exclusively through MVP’s.

List of MVP’s can be accessed here very soon: Click for MVP’s username list. All the MVP’s are requested to be prepared for the very first company leadership training workshop, to be held in Dubai in the next few days; The MVP’s will also receive responsibilities and MVP policy details in the workshop. The MVP’s will be contacted by our admin team for further arrangements; ALL THE BEST & GOD BLESS!!!



MD’s Address to GainBitcoin Team Regarding PAYOUTS:

Dear Friends,

There has been a constant request from many of you to explain the payout issues in our company & expected solution deadlines. In response to this we are writing this to try and explain the issues & rationale behind the actual problem.

Payout Current Situation Explanation:

Due to some technical issues in the month of February, we had a steep dip in sales as our team was under tremendous pressure to work and try to implement changes on a LIVE DATA SYSTEM. Due to the closure of 6-7 other network marketing company the customers made too much pressure to keep the system working, and the team end up working on LIVE DATA system; But thanks to god grace and very strong resilience of our technology team we are able to bring the system highly under control.

However, due to above problem, we saw a steep drop in our average sales count. Any average network marketing company would have been closed by the first week of such situation, but thanks to extremely agile business policies, we are able to sustain the business and continue the same with flair; The steep fall in sales, forced us to change the payout mode from single first day payout to almost day to day split payout system because mining output comes on day to day basis and not all at once. Expecting otherwise is highly impractical.

In the due course a lot of our respected customers felt negative thoughts due to prevailing bad practices in network marketing businesses and further stopped sales into the system; They failed to completely realise that we are the only company in this business who in-spite of all the challenges is constantly working and trying to force release payouts to as many people as possible. Our tech team, support team and sales leaders are working very hard 24×7; We have a comparative large customer base and some users sometimes gets left out in the process, our sincere apologies to them but believe us there’s no policy to pay specific user set, for us all customers are equally important;

As of now, the current situation is very much under control and within next two cycles we should be able to bring everything under control and all system will go back to automated single day payouts maximum by 30th May;

With that said, all of us have clear two choices:
You continue to keep the patience and composure and start appreciating our company strength and huge dedication to bring everything back on track, in-spite of all the challenges; Allow us your time and support to make GainBitcoin come back with a bang again
You try to make yourself negative and others also negative; We want you to please avoid this, as GainBitcoin is one such platform which amazingly touches and alleviates life of so many people, fulfils dreams of so many families and intent to do same with more power in coming future;

We at GainBitcoin request you to understand the importance and size of the opportunity this platform provides and appreciate the first leading network marketing company coming out of India and representing a great brand in both network marketing & cryptocurrency markets Path to Solution:

The customers who have not received any payout in last 3 or more cycles please contact your direct MVP’s and share your user IDs, we will prioritise your payouts and clear them up fast

Customers who have received payouts in last 1-2 cycles, please have patience, we will execute the current and future payouts as well asap; please don’t raise any unnecessary request for payouts, we will take care of it, rest assured

MVP’s discuss with your teams & please provide any feedback or suggestions which can add value and expedite our payout processes, you can send an email to All the selected feedbacks will be listed and informed on the website by tomorrow;

Also MVPs please collect information of above users from your networks and please pass on the user lists accordingly to at the earliest

Team GainBitcoin


Email proof of payment from Gainbitcoin, when you buy bitcoin from them (Yes, its my account :-()


Evidence of Bitcoin mining ponzi scheme – Gainbitcoin India

Just to prove as an evidence to the ponzi scheme gainbitcoin, I have embedded videos for you to view and see how he lured his customers and showed them the future. Video evidence showing Amit Bhardwaj touting Gainbitcoin as an investment was removed from Youtube. However not before everyone used the videos in their channels, few have been embedded below. After adding them to my Youtube channel I also received a takedown notice, but so as not to deny our readers the opportunity to learn more about Gainbitcoin, I added them to the website!



Deputy commissioner of police (EOW and cyber cell) Sudhir Hiremath said that so far they have received around 40 complaints from investors even as the lawyers claim 100. “We are working on the leads,” Hiremath said.

Amit did not sell any Bitcoins. He simply took them from investors and was to give them interest. He could not repay. Investigators are terming this as fraud. We will argue in the court on the police custody.
-Gaurav Jachak, Amit Bharadwaj’s Lawyer

The Bhardwaj brothers’ police custody will come to an end today, April 13. Cops revealed that the duo will be produced in court again and their custody sought. Sources revealed that Amit hasn’t been cooperating with the investigators ever since his arrest, making it difficult for cops to recover anything from him. Complicating the situation is his poor health due to the kidney transplant he underwent in 2014 in China.

When Mirror contacted Amit Bhardwaj’s lawyer Gaurav Jachak, he said, “Amit did not sell any Bitcoins. He simply took them from investors and was to give them interest. He could not repay. Investigators are terming this as fraud. We will argue in the court on the police custody.”


Bitcoin mining ponzi

“At first there were 23 complainants for the situation enlisted with Dattawadi police headquarters in January this year. After the Nigdi case was enrolled as of late, 78 have approached,” said advocate Ameya Dange, who alongside his accomplice, advocate Advait Bhonde, is managing them. The two legal advisors are being drawn nearer by countless who have been tricked by Bhardwaj’s wander.

Until further notice, Dange and Bhonde are guiding every one of the casualties to exceptional examination group of Pune police. “Their announcements are being recorded. We are formulating our future game-plan,” said Dange. He included that each speculator has an alternate issue and that their technique to help them would rely upon the idea of extortion executed on them. While some were guaranteed Bitcoins and given MCap (Bhardwaj’s own particular digital currency) rather, some were tricked of interests. Likewise, a couple of never received anything consequently.

The examiners trust the trick traverses crosswise over 90 nations and it is well worth Rs 35,000 crore. They are as yet misty about its amount includes Pune financial specialists.

Of the numerous financial specialists from the city, who have been hoodwinked, Gautam Chordia emerges. He is Aakash Sancheti’s first cousin — an affirmed conductor of Bhardwaj’s, who has been cooling his foot rear areas in jail since January this year.

Six days in the wake of capturing Amit Bhardwaj, the substance of the digital currency trick, examiners are pegging the misrepresentation submitted by him and his group at Rs 35,000 crore, route in front of the ones purportedly executed by Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi and Vijay Mallya. The greatest test for the sleuths now is to recuperate the capital contributed by a large number of clueless subjects by method for digital forms of money in Bhardwaj’s endeavors.


Lets hope that a detailed investigation is done and the investors get their money back.


If you have any update on this, or are one of the investor in Gainbitcoin or MCAP, please comment.

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