Best ICO to invest in 2018

What are the Best ICO to Invest in for 2018?

How to know what wiil be the Best ICO to invest in 2018? How to know, if a token will rise in price post listing?

There are a few ways to increase the price of tokens that are in the hands of its creators. First of all, let us take a look at the ways a project can influence the supply of the token:

Token cap:

Put a cap or limit the number of tokens that are available. With limited supply and the increase in demand, the token value goes up.

Token buyback:

The company can buy up tokens that are in circulation, and destroys the bought tokens by smart contract thereby increasing the value of the token as there is a limited supply.

Demand and Supply:

For the value of the token to increase, there must be more demand for it than there is as a supply.

Based on the reasoning above many believe, there are ICOs having the potential to become multi-bagger tokens. This is our list of Best ICOS to Invest in 2018, and we this will help you easily decide on the most suitable ones.

Best ICO to invest in 2018


Here is the list of Best ICO to invest in 2018:-



These are the Best ICO to invest in 2018 which can truly make a difference


If you have any addition to the list, do comment below
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